Community Houses

community houses picMost of the people in our church live in Bristol, and we encourage each other to not only do life together, but to actually live together. Currently, we run 3 community houses: one on Otter Street, one on Washington Street, and one on Dorrance Street. It is our fictitious goal to have one on every street in Bristol.

The DNA of each community house is different: some are made up of couples, some of singles, some are families mixed with students, etc. But we’re always open to helping get new houses started and we often have a room or two open somewhere. If you’re interested in joining the Redemption community, we definitely suggest you look into Community Houses.

(And while some families in our church feel a permanent calling to community housing, others have taken on college students, young adults, and foster children in different seasons of life. So don’t feel like we won’t like you if you don’t live in a Community House forever.)

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